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I am a Full Stack Developer currently in training at Coder Academy, Sydney. I have built various projects both during my free time and in hackathons with JavaScript, React, Node, Gatsby, and Ruby on Rails. I am constantly eager to learn, highly adaptable, and goal-driven.

When I am not programming, I write medium articles, go to different meetup circles, and learn other people's languages. I can speak fluent Vietnamese, Japanese, and intermediate Mandarin.

In my past life, I studied Politics and International Relations with two scholarships and graduated with distinction at the University of Wollongong. Upon graduating and working, engaging more with the Australian political landscape, I decided that I wanted to make a difference, in a different way - by building more efficient and effective services for society with web development.

I am on track towards the completion of my computer science diploma / bootcamp. Please contact me if you believe we share the same passion. I am ready for the next journey.


JavaScript (ESNext)


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An online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences

BulmaJQueryStripeRuby on RailsPostgreSQL

Questionless is a question and answer exchange based on Quora built with Ruby on Rails. It's core functionality is for users to ask questions and receive answers. There are a number of features which allow for a rich and dynamic user experience listed below.

BulmaRuby on RailsPostgreSQL
Portfolio v1

This portfolio was developed for two reasons: (1) as part of Coder Academy assignment requirements, hence it has specific limitations and constrains to meet designated criteria, but more importantly (2) as my to-be-further-developed portfolio as a developer both for potential employers and as a space where I can develop my programming creativity, since after all this is my first HTML CSS and limited JavaScript website.

This website was developed with various implicit design goals, namely, accessibility, screensize responsiveness, clean-cut elligible code, and UX-oriented.

Mini JavaScript Projects

A collection of my mini JavaScript projects:


A online publishing platform based on Medium that is centered around social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers.

BulmaRuby on RailsPostgreSQL

Other Projects

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Habbit Motivator

FlattenTheCurve Hack: submission video

I built this app with my classmates even before we started studying Ruby on Rails. Even though we laboured many hours with hundreds of google and stackoverflow tabs and little to 0 backend knowledge at the time, we learned a lot through the process, it help me accelarate my knowledge to push for the development of my Pairbrb app one month later.

Ruby on Rails
Address Book CLI

This is an terminal address book application. It is capable of manipulating multiple user-created profiles (logins). Users can create, rename, and delete profiles. Once inside a profile, users can add, edit, and delete contacts. Some options enable manipulating different contacts (e.g. bulk delete). Data generated will also be saved. Because of this, users can re-login and retrieve data.


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